Explore how Automation will convert your first time guest to a lifelong resident!

But how that really looks like?

We use Automation so you can deliver more human and personal but consistent service with every single guest!

BookingWhizz helps your hotel in attracting more guests since their sign up. The services offered here give enhanced guest experiences and help the hotel in making future decisions regarding plans, packages, and travel accommodations. All towards achieving a new level of customer satisfaction and trust.

Do you know?

“BookingWhizz helped The Beverley Hotel London to achieve 223.10% increased revenue by building relationships with customers with great satisfaction and trust levels”

Our CRM comes with a Unique Loyalty Program custom built based on your business needs. BookingWhizz Loyalty Program is a revolutionary reward and loyalty program. It comes with a large arsenal of ready to use promotions powered by an interactive dashboard.

Do you know?

“BookingWhizz interface comes with 80% core function and allows up to 20% customization. This is above industry standard!””

Our CRM reflects the real understanding of the must be achieved-optimum-alignment between the hotel manager needs, the realistic business goals, and harnessing the power of the latest technology available in the market...The philosophy behind our CRM design is “How to fill your rooms no matter what the market condition is!”...We have come up with a state-of-the-art system build upon four main tires to be the only-needed-solid-infrastructure for your hotel is the simple yet elegant four-element-BookingWhizz CRM system…

Marketing Automation:

Because Marketing-Sales activities should be on the Autopilot…

Imagine replacing your old-never opened email sequence, spammy outreach campaigns, unreliable reservation representatives with a fully-automated-intelligent-human friendly experience done via the most daily used communication app using the never-held-down-device...Imagine being with your prospects whenever the time, wherever the place, whatever they are doing...You are ALWAYS at the top of their minds...and still, everything is done directly from your CRM!..Yeah that is WhatsApp Marketing and when we combine it with our Smart-Auto-Drip-Email Marketing campaigns, we call it the “Stealth Sequence”.. Learn how You can integrate it into your business NOW

Smart Marketing Funnels based on Guest-Journey:

Because We are Marketers, not geeks…

Three Marketing Funnels are designed to mine the gold in each one of three stages of Guest Journey: PRE-ARRIVAL : Plan Experience Funnel, ON-PROPERTY: Guide Experience Funnel, and POST-STAY: Nurture Experience Funnel...Three Marketing Funnels backed with our Marketing-Sales Automation Arsenal... Learn how You can integrate it into your business NOW

Out of the box Loyalty System:

Because the money’s in the follow-up…

The holy grail of retention is to convert your first-time guest to a lifelong resident!... That can't be achieved without a smart-triggers-driven follow-up strategy that is custom-built not only for your own hotel but even for each individual one of your clients.. supported with a large arsenal of ready-to-use promotions powered by an interactive can't go wrong with that!... Learn how You can integrate it into your business NOW

Autocomplete guests profiles using Data mining and Web scraping:

Because you need Flesh and Blood Guests living into your CRM

All the Marketing-Sales strategies in the world are useless if your clients are just entries at your database...every client profile at your CRM should be a vivid-living Avatar with all the info you need to craft the right message for the right individual client, at the right time, with the right benefit...that is the art of crafting an offer they can't refuse... thanks to harnessing the power of data collected through our profile management..for the first time in the industry launch your data-driven-marketing campaigns as part of Your fully automated business intelligence system and discover the Real-Total-Guest-LifeTime-VALUE… Learn how You can integrate it into your business NOW

Right now, you can learn all about our CRM and how You can integrate it into your business just by booking a call with your Buddy The CRM Wizard from BookingWhizz team at:

Then Why still fighting for Clients Acquisition while Clients Retention is here!?

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