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Explore the benefits to be connected to the Global Travel Agent systems & Booking Platforms!

But how that really looks like?

Think of it as an online brochure for your hotel, appearing on thousands of travel agent systems and travel websites.

Through The BookingWhizz Central Reservation System (BW-CRS), hotels are seamlessly connected to all four global distribution systems (GDS) to reach hundreds of thousands of travel agents.

And through BookingWhizz Central Reservation System (BW-CRS), electronic distribution is also provided through the Internet Distribution Systems (IDS) to reach the growing number of travel websites providing real-time reservation capabilities for travellers booking online.

Do you know?

“BookingWhizz has a dedicated implementations team to assist all new clients in mastering the electronic distribution complexities. An implementations manager provides project management and guidance for the entire onboarding process, from information building to hotel training and hotel profile audits”

Then Why not using the same network The Savoy and The Ritz are using?

Explore a new level of Partnerships and Public Relations! You have access to Consortia & TMCs resources: systems, practices, and marketing capabilities.

But how that really looks like?

Selecting, building a relationship with, and participating in the Consortia and TMCs that fit your business can produce valuable revenue and partnerships for your business.

A Consortium is a group of travel agencies who have banded together to gain greater sales traction, share of market, and increased distribution. In effect agencies and travel companies that might be noncompetitive on a day-to-day basis are able to share systems, practices, and marketing capabilities thus adding an additional dimension to their size and density.

Travel Management Companies (TMC), add value to corporations when they manage all or part of a given company’s travel functions. This can and often does empower them to provide price negotiation on all the elements of the travel experience (air, lodging, car, train etc.). When consortia lower overall corporate travel overhead and direct costs the perception of success is high for any given corporate customer.

Do you know?

“The size, market reach, and expertise of Travel Management Companies and Consortia result in an extremely large amount of revenue that they drive in to hotels worldwide.”

Then Why to deal with all these moving parts while you can have a 1 website login for all sites!?

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